We are a group of people endeavors to make a difference with our biodegradable products so we believe that our products are able to contribute to the sustainability of the planet for our current and future generations by offering alternative options to petroleum-based plastics.

At Maribumi Starchtech, moving towards zero single-use plastics are made possible by pushing the limits for better, greener and sustainable standards of living with a proper awareness, education and continuous effort in promoting the availability of eco-friendly alternatives.

The future is here and it is a reality with bag based biopolymers. This revolutionary material is capable of breaking down in cleaner ways without compromising in quality and safety.

We are also supporting MESTECC’s Roadmap (Ministry of Energy Science Technology, Environment & Climate Change) to achieve its goal towards cleaner and greener earth by 2030.

Using Bio Bag products from Maribumi Starchtech contributes towards reducing the greenhouse effect and acid precipitation. Thanks to the natural and renewable components of the raw material by our supported suppliers, it has a significantly less adverse impact on the environment than other products.

The company brings together expertise and a commitment to the vision of eradicating killer plastic for next generation.