Maribumi Starchtech’s Biodegradable Bag COMPARISON Petroleum based Plastic Bag
Yes Biodegradability No
Yes Renewable Resources No
Lower (50% electricity saving) Processing Temperature Higher
Lowered Carbon Footprint (CO2) Higher
Lowered Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) Higher
Safe for Food Contact Under US FDA and REACH Standards Toxic to human and environment Harmful

The following are the characteristics of our biodegradable bags that can influence our environment positively and reduce pollution:

~ Made from renewable resources

Every resource made by nature will return back to nature. Our Resins are made from Tapioca Starch, a renewable natural resource which supports the production of our biodegradable bags.

~ Made out from NON-FOOD grade Tapioca Starch

Tapioca starch is extracted from the root of the Cassava plant.
Our materials are carefully selected to protect the animals and environment from harm which often caused by us, humans. We are now responsible for making changes and provide innovative solutions to save our planet and species.

Non-food grade Tapioca starch

To avoid issues on using food sources to produce Biodegradable bags, we are aware of the fact that more raw materials would be needed to make these bags not to mention different types of bag would required tons of these resources which will affect our food sources when millions of people are starving in the world. Therefore, we are using non-food grade Tapioca Starch.

~ Biodegrade in 180 days

Our biodegradable bags are great alternative to most conventional plastic and petroleum plastic that took a thousand years to break down which does not decompose into nutrients so this will also attracts toxic substances which are bad to our environment while our products takes approximately 180 days to biodegrade or even sooner, depending on how they are stored. It can also be broken down easily in landfills or open environment, making it natural fertilizer aids in growth of plant which will also return back to nature.

~ Non-toxic to the environment and animals

Our bio bags have passed toxicity tests and proven to have no harm to our environment as well as animals. Our oceans and landfills have been used as a dumping ground which has led serious harm to animals which often choke and die while our environment always contaminated by the harmful chemicals that spread in the land and the groundwater. With our bio bags, we are convinced that it can offer eco-friendly alternative solutions to protect the environment and animals.

~ Harmless to animals when ingested

Our biodegradable bags are produced from plant-based materials, a vegetable root which can also be used in manufacturing and safe for animals when ingested.

Many marine animals such as sea turtles, seabirds, whales and dolphins, seals and sea lions are killed each year from plastic pollution. It has been reported that marine life ingested plastics due to often mistaken marine debris for food source and unknowingly picks up plastic debris. Sea turtles also often mistaken plastic waste for a viable food source resembling jellyfish and without knowing, it wreaks havoc their digestive system. As plastic cannot be digested, it stays in the animals causing blockages and slowly kill them. (Onegreenplanet, 2018)

Plastic pollution will not only hurt marine species, the plastic these marine species consume releases toxins which are absorbed into their bodies. These toxins are passed up the food chain and can have horrifying effects on humans as well. Exposure to these toxins has been linked with cancer, birth defects, impaired immunity, endocrine disruption and other ailments. What we do on land can change the fate of what goes on off shore, and small mistakes in waste disposal can have a large impact on everyone’s health and wellbeing.

~ 100% Biodegradable and Compostable

Our products are all made form natural plant with no chemical additives to ensure non-toxicity which allow for complete composting and biodegradability. It has proven to have fat reaction to microorganism and can be broken down easily. Our bio bags are fully made out from bio resin and materials itself have been certified biodegradable and compostable.

~ Reduced Carbon footprint (CO2)

The fact that our Bio Bags are made from Tapioca starch, considered as renewable natural resources, it can return back to nature while traditional plastics are made with petrochemicals. Petrochemicals are any products made from Petroleum, types of petroleum such as oil and natural gases.

These resources are not renewable and only available in limited supplies. In fact, burning of petrochemicals during production of conventional plastics emitted large amounts of carbon dioxide which can lead to serious global warming. At Maribumi, we are constantly strive to maximise values and recover all the materials at the end of its product’s life cycle.

~ Does not release dangerous by-product(s) upon decomposition.

Our bio bags are incredibly environmentally friendly as they break down as it decomposes which adds valuable nutrients to the soil. These bio bags are developed using material that will decompose naturally when exposed in the environment. This outcome is achievable due to the microorganisms in the environment are able to break down the structures into its constituent monomers and metabolized it over a period of time. Biodegradable bags are able to provide alternative for conventional plastics that generate environmental problems either during use or at their end-of-life stage.

They do not leach any toxins into the environment whilst breaking down. If we were to throw out a bucket-full of traditional plastics into a landfill, then we would have methane and other forms of pollutants release as the product begins to decompose and typically this process will take a couple hundred years. Because these by-products do not exist with Maribumi Starchtech’s biodegradable bags, we would be able to take advantage of this supplemental benefit immediately when the bio bags reach their end-of-life stage.

However, the rate of biodegradation is largely dependent on the composition, thickness of material and environmental condition it is exposed to. Maribumi Starchtech’s bio bags are biodegradable and compostable, which means they will decay into natural materials that will eventually blend harmlessly into the soil. When these bags are broken down in a measurement timed in weeks or months instead years or centuries, then the natural bacteria in the composting environment will digest it to produce by-products that is beneficial to the ecosystem in the future.

Whilst our bags can decompose quickly in a specific situation such as in an open landfill, turned landfill or within your home composting bin, please be mindful of what you throw inside our bio bags although our bags are biodegradable and compostable, what you put in them may not be biodegradable or compostable. Therefore, please recycle where possible or dispose of in the correct recycling bins.

Take a stand towards protecting and preserving the environment

The key to a greener planet is in our hands!

Being environmentally aware is a responsibility of us should be conscious of

The key to a greener planet is in our hands!

Being environmentally aware is a responsibility of us should be conscious of

Take a stand towards protecting and preserving the environment

Being environmentally aware is a responsibility of us should be conscious of

Take a stand towards protecting and preserving the environment

The key to a greener planet is in our hands!